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BioScrypt Fingerprint Readers & Biometric Readers

Biometric access control fingerprint readers for enterprise level applications that require the best fingerprint access solutions including fingerprint readers, fingervein scanners and other biometric options

Bioscrypt, which is now a member of the Safran Group's MorphoTrust family, who acquired L-1 Identity Solutions earlier this year, is a leading manufacturer of Biometric Fingerprint Readers & Access Control Devices worldwide. From Government Access Control Solutions to Corporate Security Systems, Bioscrypt is on the cutting edge of biometric identity management solutions. The Bioscrypt brand is known for its top quality fingerprint readers, scanners, other biometric products, as well as its excellent customer support. With over 450,000 readers and scanners deployed in over 90 countries, Bioscrypt (a member of the MorphoTrust family) protects and secures identities and assets by helping customers address demanding access control and identity authentication requirements with innovative and reliable biometric access control systems.
Veri-Series Fingerprint Readers 4G V-Series Indoor Biometric Fingerprint Readers
Bioscrypt Veri-Series Fingerprint Readers, the solution for Biometric Access Control Systems - including the V-Pass, V-Prox and original V-Station
4G Series Indoor Biometric Fingerprint Readers, Bioscrypt's update for the Veri-Series that includes color displays, higher template storage and the new 4G Lite readers
4G V-Series Weather Resistant Fingerprint Readers 4G V-Station Extreme Fingerprint Readers
Bioscrypt 4G V-Series Weather Resistant Fingerprint Readers, The 4G V-Station and V-Flex designed for moderate outdoor conditions
Bioscrypt 4G V-Station Extreme Fingerprint Readers, for use in extreme climates
4G FingerVein Station - Biometric Vein Reader Accessories
The 4G FingerVein Station for Biometric Vein Imaging in Access Control Systems
Accessories to customize and maintain your current Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity Solutions products.
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Bioscrypt 4GFXS 4G V-Flex Base Model w/ Secugen Sensor Bioscrypt 4GSTS 4G V-Station Base Model w/ Secugen Sensor
Our Price: $599.45
Our Price: $1,041.00
4GFXS Bioscrypt | JMAC Supply 4GSTS Bioscrypt | JMAC Supply
Bioscrypt 4GFXSP 4G V-Flex HID Proximity Model w/ Secugen Sensor Bioscrypt 4GSTSP 4G V-Station HID Proximity Model w/ Secugen Sensor
Our Price: $762.00
Our Price: $1,205.00
4GFXSP Bioscrypt | JMAC Supply 4GSTSP Bioscrypt | JMAC Supply
Bioscrypt V-Station (A,R) Fingerprint Reader with Keypad - V-Station-A,R Bioscrypt 4GFXLSP 4G V-Flex Lite Reader, HID Proximity Model
Our Price: $1,353.00
Discontinued, Call For Replacement
Our Price: $645.00
VSTATIONAR Bioscrypt | JMAC Supply 4GFXLSP Bioscrypt | JMAC Supply
Bioscrypt 4GFVST 4G FingerVein Station Biometric Reader, Base Model Bioscrypt 4G FingerVein Station Biometric Reader, HID Proximity Model (4GFVSTP)
Our Price: $2,108.00
Our Price: $2,672.00
4GFVST Bioscrypt | JMAC Supply 4GFVSTP Bioscrypt | JMAC Supply
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More On Bioscrypt: 

Bioscrypt fingerprint readers provide superior security by eradicating security breaches triggered by lost or stolen access cards. The fingerprint readers authorize or reject access based on a database of fingerprints from approved users. Bioscryptís fingerprint readers identify and store templates for thousands of fingerprints. Bioscryptís exceptional fingerprint readers, scanners, and access control solutions diminish risk, enhance your security infrastructure and impose verification procedures.

Bioscrypt fingerprint readers offer the capability of central management of identities throughout an organization. This makes the processing of employee activity throughout an organization simplified. For example, notices can be sent off if employees who havenít scanned their fingerprint at the reader by the door are logging onto the network. Employers can rapidly configure employee access to certain physical areas of an organization as well as applications depending on the employees changing role within the organization. 

Bioscryptís innovative solutions help security decision makers around the globe address their evolving needs with powerful and flexible solutions. Now, we at JMAC Supply are proud to bring Bioscryptís amazing line of products to you! With their wide range of biometric fingerprint readers, Bioscrypt Readers are some of the most versatile and durable in the world. Their credential and biometric readers combine some of HID's most trusted formats including HID Proximity, iClass and the government / enterprise MIFARE and DESFire standards with Bioscrypt's top notch biometric sensors, making Bioscrypt Readers one of the top choices for access control where identity verification is an absolute necessity.

Whether you are looking for a new single-door standalone Biometric Access Control unit, a multiple-door Enterprise Level Fingerprint Access System or simply trying to replace an existing fingerprint reader, the professionals at JMAC Supply are ready to assist! The industry leading fingerprint reading solutions offered by Bioscrypt have gained global recognition not only for their reliability and quality but also for the many integrated options that are available with the various biometric fingerprint reader models. These options include embedded HID proximity or HID iClass readers, multiple sensor-type options as well as various options to account for environmental conditions affecting readers deployed outdoors or in extreme weather conditions. Contact the JMAC Supply Access Control specialists with any product selection inquiries to ensure that the correct Bioscrypt reader is selected for each unique application. 

For biometric access control readers, there is no substitute for Bioscrypt. When purchasing Bioscrypt Fingerprint Readers, there is no substitute for JMAC Supply.

Bioscrypt Reviews: 

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The Future of Biometrics
May 02, 2013
Reviewer: Joseph G., Stamford, CT

BioScrpyt offers a wide variety of biometric solutions ranging from standalone door access control deployments to weather resistant time and attendance stations. I own a business with just over five thousand employees and was looking for a way to simplify time and attendance and set up fast access control systems on six entryways, all without sacrificing security. BioScrypt products caught my attention not only because of their sleek and high quality designs, but also how convenient and secure they are.

We set up a database of employee fingerprints and PINs and programmed the stations to authenticate using both for extra security. Installation was a breeze. We were able to connect directly to our existing system via Cat 5, which transports data from the stations to our host computer. The bundled administration software is powerful and user friendly. It gives us detailed reports of employee time-in and time-out which practically eliminated time theft. If a persons' fingerprint did not exist in the database, they were denied access. Simple as that.

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Access control at the tip of my fingers
February 12, 2013
Reviewer: Damien Rodney, Scottsdale, AZ

Iíll never go with another brand again. After using Bioscryptís 4G stations, my eyes have been opened to the world of biometric access control. I canít even imagine running my business without these products now. The 4GFXLP makes handling access control a breeze with either fingerprint readings or proximity cards! Thanks Bioscrypt!

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

 I don't care who owns it, it's still Bioscrypt to me! June 1, 2012
ReviewerPrince Marshall, Highlands, NC

All you need is a finger. That means so much more to me than Bioscrypt could ever know. I didn't even know until the JMAC Supply guys told me that Bioscrypt was taken over by L-1 Identity, who was then taken over by the Safran Group! You can call it Bioscrypt, L-1 Enterprise Access or MorphoTrust, but at the end of the day you still get that same, single-finger access that can't be beat! You can't lose your credential, you can't forge your credential and you can't fool biometrics! It's the best technology and Bioscrypt makes the best products in that niche!

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

 A Lesson Learned: Biometric Access is a Must!January 20, 2012
ReviewerMitch Dougan, Spokane, WA

Biometric Security is a must in today's day and age. We learned that the hard way. We operate a jewelry store and were recently robbed. Our surveillance footage caught them, but they were unidentifiable. They made off with about $60,000 worth of merchandise, a painful loss to take. They were able to get access because of what was a modified credential. Now, we've decided to step up to Biometric Access Control, so that way one of us HAS to be present in order to get the door open. It's the only way to operate a business in the 21st Century.

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 100% SatisfiedJanuary 4, 2012
ReviewerMike Duffy, Atlanta, GA 

Biometric Access Control is definitely the best way to deter theft, control access and verify identity, all at the same time. We got a few of the Lite series readers, as well as a V-Station for the lobby. We were all equally impressed with the quality and performance of the BioScrypt line of products, but the service I received from Jmac supply was what iced the cake for us. From start to finish they took care to make sure all of my questions were answered and my concerns met. A quality company. Look no further than Jmac. You will not be disappointed. Couple them with BioScrypt Biometric Access Control products and according to me, we've got a winner!

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 The Best Products in it's Field!November 24, 2011
Reviewer: Henry Funke, Flagstaff, NY

Everyone knows how difficult it is to secure any location without biometric access control. You have to deal with people losing or damaging credentials or getting locked out because they forgot their pin, not to mention all the other issues that access control systems have to deal with. Now, with the advent of affordable and economic biometric access control, from BioScrypt, we can secure locations with the only credential you can't lose, damage or generally mess up, the fingerprint. BioScrypt has now redefined the high-security access control industry for good and I'm glad to be a part of that growing trend.  

   3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

 Fingerprinting ExcellenceNovember 21, 2011
Reviewer: Mariah Fakahle, Los Altos, CA

Our original infrastructure budget was ginormous because of the original Biometric equipment we had spec'ed out for the installation. Once we got on the phone with Kevin from J. Mac, however, he explained to us how we didn't have to spend as much as we had originally planned, with separate controllers and the like that we had planned on. He recommended Bioscrypt's products, with integrated template storage on each device! It's a novel setup and extremely convenient for us to secure our office properly.

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 Revolutionary Biometric Equipment! BEST BUY!November 4, 2011
Reviewer: Nasir Naseer, Newark, NJ

Needless to say, like all the other reviewers here, we were looking for a good biometric fingerprint reader and couldn't find anything that was even half decent.

We had searched through so many manufacturers that built their products in china, with crappy equipment to the point where we had almost started looking into alternatives to biometric fingerprint readers, even looking at multi-factor card systems that could store pins and be used as a proximity card at the same time. Then we came across the ultimate option in security, when we found Bioscrypt's 4G V-Station series, offering dual and triple factor authentication! Absolutely amazing and high in security. And for the prices they offer here, I don't know how they're not sold out already.

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